Callisto™ is a portable diagnostic system. It can include diagnostic audiometry, real-ear measurement, visible speech mapping and hearing instrument testing. Take care of your patient’s hearing loss in the comfort of her home.

  • Adept as a portable audiometer
  • PC-based testing
  • No need for a power supply – connect to a USB port
  • All-in-one – from audiometry to fitting of hearing devices
  • Lightweight – only weighs 565 g

Real-ear Measurement

  • Provide frequency-specific amplification across the full range of frequencies.
  • On-Top mode – simultaneous view of hearing aid fitting and REM software for efficient hearing aid fitting.
  • NAL-NL2 and DSLv5 prescriptive targets.
  • Can peform open hearing aid fitting.
  • Directionality testing.
  • Switch between dB HL and dB SPL views.
  • Built-in coupler base option.
  • Binaural REM.

Hearing Instrument Testing

  • Frequency range: 100–10.000 Hz.
  • Integrated IEC and ANSI test sequences.
  • Test sessions can be saved and recalled for later comparison.
  • Compatible with the TBS10 test box. The TBS10 test box allows for coupler-based fitting.

Visible Speech Mapping

The VSP440 module allows you to show your patient’s hearing thresholds.

You can show which frequencies and dB HL levels are impacted by her hearing loss.

Compare this with a user-friendly display of aided gain to show improvements.

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