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To qualify for HCP Point, Your Play status must be COMPLETED


To qualify for 3 CPD points, one would need to sign in, watch the entire webinar and then complete 15 online multiple-choice questions by no later than Thursday 30 April 2020. A pass rate of 70% is required for the MCQ's.

Please enter your details on this login page that runs as a CPD register. You will also need to kindly remain signed in and watch the full webinar duration, which is monitored online. You would also be required to complete the second COD activity consisting of 15 online MCQ's by no later than Thursday 30 April 2020.

Unfortunately we will not be able to allocate CPD points for this event in case of a failure to complete and meet the above criteria. Kindly note that the CPD points cannot be separated between the webinar and 15 MCQ's. It is 3 CPD points for both fully-completed activities.

Only healthcare professionals holding a valid HPCSA number will qualify for CPD accreditation.