Orion Rotary Chair

A solution for every clinic’s needs

Rotary chair testing is an objective assessment of vestibular function. The VisualEyesTM platform integrates with the Orion chairs for advanced vestibular evaluations.

Choose between Orion Auto-Traverse, Orion Comprehensive and Orion Reclining.

The benefits of rotary chair testing

Many people experience some form of dizziness or imbalance during their lifetime. As there are a wide variety of symptoms, as well as duration of symptoms, it is extremely important for the balance clinic to have the right assessment tools to meet the needs of adult and pediatric patients with dizziness.
Rotary chair testing has the advantage of allowing us to evaluate the vestibular system over a wide range of frequencies. This provides clinicians with a more comprehensive insight into the vestibular system by encompassing physiological stimuli in which normal head movements occur.
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