Combining ABR and OAE screening with diagnostic testing

Customize your Titan for automated auditory brainstem response (automated ABR) and otoacoustic emission (OAE) screening in combination with advanced clinical OAE testing. Match the software modules with your current needs – and upgrade when your challenges change.


Automated ABR in seconds

The ABRIS software module for Titan enables fast and easy automated ABR testing for infants and adults. The screening module uses the ground-breaking CE-Chirp® stimulus or the click stimulus alongside Bayesian weighted averaging to reduce test times by up to 50% compared to traditional click stimuli. With an easy-to-understand display (PC or hand-held device), HiTrack compatibility and user-customizable protocols, the ABRIS combines fast, quality testing with unrivalled usability.

  • Testing through multiple probe and transducer configurations.
  • Hand-held and PC mode for full flexibility.
  • Supreme usability through storage of calibration values in probe and ID-transducers.
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